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Take your business to wherever your customers are located. Local VoIP phone numbers give you the power to promote your products and offer the best customer service.
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Your phone number can be an essential part of your brand identity.
The first step is having a business phone number that is separate from your personal one.
That gives your business extra credibility.


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How It Works

Easy steps. Takes less than 3 minutes to start using your new virtual phone number.

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Quick & simple online registration. Just choose your plan & fill in your details.

Pick Your Number

Get a new local, mobile, international, toll-free phone number in seconds; or transfer an existing one. Setup your own cloud phone system in minutes.

Make The First Call or Text

Link your existing devices & start making, receiving and forwarding calls to your mobile, home or office. It's that simple!

Phone Number Features Overview

Make it easy and free for customers to reach you and enjoy the suite of features available for all phone numbers.

HD Voice

When your customers reach you on your number (Toll-Free, mobile, local) you'll enjoy crystal-clear conversations.

Call Recording

Choose which calls you want to record. Improve your team call handling by monitoring and adjusting techniques.

Text Messaging (SMS)

Text messages sent to your VoiceRules Phone number can be received and displayed in your account inbox. Your incoming SMS is Free.

Group Messaging

Initiate and moderate a group chat over SMS with our mobile app. Your thumbs are more powerful than you think with VoiceRules mobile app.

Live Receptionist

With Live Receptionist, your business can now have its very own answering service, adding flexibility, and availability to your company no matter the size.

Intelligent Phone Call Management

Easily forward your callers to one or multiple people anywhere in the World using lots of clever functions.

International Dialing

Get the best rates on international calling. From London to Sydney and everywhere in-between, VoiceRules does not have International calling fees.

Multilingual Call Answering

Greet your callers in their native tongue. Choose from 16 different languages. Automatically translate in realtime.

We've helped businesses to save over $1 billion on their
phone systems.




No Contracts

No strings attached. Cancel at any time.

Multiple Phone Numbers

Choose phone numbers from 1000’s of cities around the World. Get an instant local presence anywhere.

Fully Customizable

Add or subtract features and services or phone numbers anytime.

Work From Anywhere

Whichever country you travel to or work from or your team or your customer is, your calls can be filtered and forwarded to anyone anywhere in the globe without international calling or SMS fees.

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Unlimited Number of Extensions

Add as many extensions or employees as you need.

Phone Number Masking

Set a custom caller id for the outbound calls.

Keep Your Business Running After Hours

After-hours call routing means no call is ever lost.

Increase Your Brand Recognition

“What was your phone number again?” Make it easier on your customers and make your brand known with an easy to remember vanity number.


voice rules system
Bring Your Own Device (BOYD)

Let your team use their own choice of tech. Easily add new members to your network. Keep all personal contact details private.

Sound Professional

Professionally greet clients and manage call-flow with an auto-attendant like a big brand.


Adding users, teams, or new business locations can be done so quickly, thus helping you to scale-up with minimum risk. No per-user charge.

Integrate your favourite CRM & Helpdesk

Boost your productivity by integrating with your favorite business tools. No more switching between multiple tabs.

App Integration with VoiceRules

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VoiceRules reviews

" I chose VoiceRules because their features perfectly matched my current business needs as well as a great path to grow as my business needs change, and they’re reasonably priced. They were incredibly helpful, knowledgeable, and responsive. Highly recommended. "

Sam Johnson
Johnson Photography, LLC.
VoiceRules Reviews

" I definitely recommend VoiceRules, the customer service is awesome the agent I worked with was extremely patient in making sure I was properly set up before she released me. I definitely see a big improvement in our Ecom store and my team. We use VoiceRules for calls and SMS marketing."

Scott Williams
VillageKids Ltd.
VoiceRules Reviews

" VoiceRules exceptional support team went out of their way to make my small business feel like a Fortune 500 company. They helped my business grow, allowing me to better connect with my customers through calls. I highly recommend VoiceRules because of its approach to working with its customers. "

Sara Clark
Sales & Marketing, Alien Ltd.
VoiceRules Testemonial

" VoiceRules helps us with our Clinic phone system. Since we switched, our patient customer's sanctification and team productivity increased. We added new clinics and we could easily scale our phone system and add new extensions to different phone numbers. I strongly recommend it to any Doctors who are exploring for the right phone system. "

Dr. William Clark
West Coast Plastic Surgury
VoiceRules Testemonial

" The customer service is amazing. The price was half what I was paying previously, and I love getting a text when I receive a new voicemail. Call transfer is easy to set up and setting up the greeting is customizable "

Tammy Brown
Brown Interior Design
VoiceRules Testemonial

" When my wife and I moved abroad, we searched high and low for a a cost-effective way of keeping our US phone numbers and continuing to receive calls to them on overseas phones. If we travel somewhere for a vacation, and are on a pay-as-you-go SIM there, we can easily change the the final-target phone number that calls are routed to. It's made it easy for us to maintain a "US presence" for our friends and family while living and traveling abroad."

Derek Anderson
Personal Use
VoiceRules Testemonial

" The online interface is easy to use and provides us with much more information than previously. We found the VoiceRules team to be enormously helpful and easy to contact. We are so glad we did! VoiceRules provides a far superior product. Not only do we make savings but the ability to use an IVR solution so that we can easily identify which product our customers are calling about has made our response more streamlined. As an online-only business, it's crucial that we are able to present a professional face to customers who contact us by telephone. Initially, we were using Skype but when they ceased greetings we were forced to look for another supplier. "

Lori Miller
VoiceRules Testemonial

" VoiceRules allowed our law practice to grow quickly by helping us setting up the customer service phone system with their awesomely fast turnaround times. Features like text messaging, vanity numbers, world-wide access, IVR, and transfer call make VoiceRules our #1 telecom partner. We’re able to save over $500 a month with VoiceRules as compared with our previous provider...and the quality is crystal clear! VoiceRules phone system gives a feeling of a big firm impression, even when we were a small team and operation. The auto-attendant and professional voice recording service help running the practice easier. "

Olivia Clifford
Clifford Law
VoiceRules Testemonial

" VoiceRules help us to stay in business since the take out delivery was surging during the Covid-19. With the phone system, we could easily support our customer orders and provide satisfaction to them. We used features like call and SMS marketing mostly. Everything was great. I recommend them for any business.
They are always available and ready to help you with any questions or concerns regarding the platform or with the setup."

Kathy Griffin
Key Lime Pie Company
SINCE 2015

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